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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Meet Team 3D: Scott VanderWoude, Network Administrator

3D Network Administrator Scott VanderWoude, perhaps more commonly known as “Scott Conrad VanderWoude The Great Awesome Wonderful Terrific Magnificent Exalted Majestic Role Model (The First!),” is next on 3D’s “Meet the Team” hit list to divulge his deepest, darkest secrets as revealed in the following interview with 3D’s Marketing Manager Gail Gromaski.
  1. [Gail] First of all, where are you originally from?
    [Scott] Frankfurt am Main, which at the time was in a nation called West Germany, so I was born in a nation that no longer exists.

  2. What did you do for work before joining the 3D team, and what are your qualifications relating to this field of work?
    Although I already had a more generalized college degree, I decided to dive back into college to pursue a curriculum specific to the computer industry. Also, while working part-time at an Internet Service provider, I remember speaking with someone from 3D who helped get an entire computer network up and running. That hero moment impressed me, swaying me to pursue a career in networking as I was more interested in helping people than programming computers. In nine months I obtained a solid A in every computer course needed for a "two year" degree, as well as multiple certificates, including one from the National Security Agency (NSA).

  3. How did you come to work at 3D, and how long have you worked here?
    I met 3D's head honchos at a trade show where they were looking for talented potential staff like myself. My main goal at the interview was to get some interviewing experience, even if it didn't turn into a hiring experience. My interview with 3D obviously went very well, and in June of 2008 I started applying my skills to helping 3D resolve the technology challenges we meet on a daily basis.

  4. What were your expectations in coming to work at 3D, and were they fulfilled?
    My main goals were to increase my understanding of a business focused on setting up and optimizing computer networking and to wrap up "internship" requirements to finalize the degree for which I had sacrificed more sleep than I had initially planned. Both of these were achieved quite some time ago.

  5. What do you do as a Network Administrator, and do you wear any other hats at 3D?
    As a Network Administrator, I help clients with a wide variety of issues when they call us for assistance. I also check the results of our automated system monitoring, identifying actual problems that need to be resolved and then, of course, resolving them. In many cases, I can fix things behind the scenes so our clients can continue their business operations without being interrupted.

    I also help with the technical development of our 3DProActive™ service, such as implementing additional automatic checks that report and alert on potentially business-impactful situations.

  6. What is your favorite thing about working at 3D?
    I found out very early on that 3D consists of a number of very talented people who really, truly care about succeeding at what they’re doing and really, truly care that we are taking care of the technical needs of the people we serve. Prior to working at 3D, I had imagined the theoretical possibility of being able to harness the Internet to achieve real-time network monitoring, issue reporting, and remote issue resolution. 3D's abilities, most notably seen with our 3DProActive™ services, put into practice a successful implementation of these ideas.

  7. What do you consider to be your biggest strengths, and how do you think they contribute to your work at 3D?
    I like to know the nitty-gritty details of how computers operate so I can be very confident that things are actually working properly. My strong proficiency in command line tools and a number of programming languages have helped with enhancing automated processes that are a part of 3DProActive’s™ monitoring service. These skills, as well as some experience with various operating systems and some website technologies, are specializations in my skill set that add well to the technical talent of 3D's technical team.

  8. What are your career goals, and how do you think that working at 3D will help you in achieving those goals?
    In the ongoing spirit of helping people, I like to share my knowledge. Since I have been in school, I have been accumulating notes and studying technical documentation. Someday I would like to share this with an organized public website, possibly a publication in print, and eventually find myself in the educational field where I directly teach people how to do the things like what I am currently doing at 3D.

  9. What do you consider your greatest achievements, either at 3D or elsewhere?
    Probably my most unusual claim to fame was creating a website about the beloved and popular video game series called "The Legend of Zelda," which eventually attracted 3,000 to 3,500 visitors per day. Also, at Bellingham’s Bellis Fair Mall, I played and won two video game arcade games simultaneously, moving back and forth between the machines as needed. However, despite these achievements which may be more uncommon, I get more satisfaction out of being very moral, even during the times when it isn't super easy. That may be less unique and not an achievement I always accomplish alone, but it is greater than the other two I just mentioned.

  10. What’s your family like?
    Unsurprisingly, I have a pair of parents. Less common, I have no siblings. Other than those two parents, the nearest blood relative I can find is seven states away in Ohio. I'm still a bachelor, though, so there's potential that could all change.

  11. Finally, what do you like to do outside of work?
    In addition to improving my technical skills and knowledge, I am trying to increase in holiness and my familiarity with related sacred texts. A lot of what else I do also involves technology, from system configuration to creating informative web pages to writing literature to excelling at video game entertainment. I also like to dump ice cubes down the backs of my co-workers whenever I can get away with it (which, unfortunately, has never happened...yet).
3D is happy to have Scott as a member of our team and is always looking for talented individuals like him to join. To find out more about how to become part of the 3D team, visit our website at
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